The document of Power of Attorney comes into existence when a person, for whatever reason, delegates his power to sign a document or to do a particular thing or things to another person in writing. The person who delegates his power is called Principal,and the person to whom the power is delegated is called Attorney. Attorney is a sort of an agent.

The document creating a Power of Attorney is required by law to be registered. If the principal is out of India and the Power of Attorney is executed there , then it should be presented for registration within four months after its arrival in India. If the principal at the time of executing the Power of Attorney does not reside in India, a Power of Attorney executed before and authenticated by a Notary Public, or any court Judge, Magistrate, Indian councilor representative of the Central Government, shall alone be recognized.

This provision makes it clear that a Power of Attorney executed outside India will be accepted for registration in India only if it is executed before and authenticated by any of the authorities Mentioned above.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Me and my wife co-own a flat in Badlapur, Maharashtra. We both are based out of Bengaluru whereas my in laws are in Mumbai. I want to execute a Power of Attorney document and nominate my wife's mother as the POA. Do we have to prepare and notarise the document in Bengaluru and get it registered in Mumbai? or everything has to be done primarily in Mumbai itself?


  2. Sir,

    It is possible to do remote execution of your leave and license registration without you visiting Mumbai through Maharashtra governments E registration process. Please inbox your contact details to,

    Team Anulom

  3. I am in Singapore and I want to give POA to my father in law in Pune. Can this be done online without any biometric verification or any documents from Singapore.

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