FAQs – Anulom E- Registration process


1) What is E-registration of leave and license (Rent) agreement?
E-registration is a new facility by Maharashtra government to register your leave and license (Rent) agreement online without visiting the sub registrar office.Signatures are captured using biometric device and user details are verified using Aadhaar system.
2) What is the advantage of E-registration?
E-registration is a 24X7 service. Public can submit the document to the government any time from any place.
3) What is the role of Anulom.com?
Anulom.com is a facilitator for e-registration. Anulom.com will help public to use e registration facility and takes responsibility until the document is registered with the government.Anulom provides doorstep service for e registration.After online Leave and License draft preparation is completed by Anulom.com.An executive from Anulom.com  will visit customer place with the necessary biometric recording kit to complete Aadhaar verification.Click here to know more


4) What are the pre-requisite to avail e registration facility?
All parties should have Adhaar and Pan number.


5) Who will pay stamp duty and registration fees?
Stamp duty and registration will be paid online by Anulom.Customer will receive e-challan end of the registration.


6) Can I upload my leave and license agreement to the government agency to get it registered?
No this can’t be done. There is no upload facility. All the process in e registration is online there is no paper work involved.


7) Is e registered document valid for address proof?
Yes it is a valid document for address proof.


8) How much days will it take for the agreement to get registered?
After submission it will take 1 to 2 working days get the document to get registered.


9) Can person having power of attorney (POA) can be involved for e registration in case the owner is outside country?
Yes. POA holder can be the licensor of the property. The registered rent agreement will have POA’s name as the licensor and not Owners name.


10) Physical presence of all parties required for e registration?
Yes. Physical presence is required for recording biometric.Anulom.com executive will visit cutomer place to finish this step.There is no requirement to visit government SRO offices.


11) Can multiple tenants be added in the e registration document?
Yes. All the concerned parties should have Aadhaar and PAN number


12) How many witness will be needed?
Total 2 witness..Both the witness should have Aadhaar and PAN number and should be available at the time of execution


13) In Anulom.com web application there is provision to add only one owner and tenant. Where can I add additional owner or tenant details?
After the customer payment an email is sent to the customer to add details about additional owner or tenant.


14) What is the next step after payment?
An email asking for additional details regarding parties and property will be sent to the customer.


15) All the additional details given. What is next?
Anulom.com will send the draft copy to the customer for verification. Once the verification is done and the details found to be correct, by the customer, Anulom.com will call customer to fix appointment for biometric.


16) Can movable items such as furniture and fittings can be added in e registered agreement?
Yes. As per the current e registration of leave and license system these can be added.


17) Do we need to notarize E-Registered document for any government submission?

Not needed.
18) What is the exact process you will follow, fees and time required receiving registered rent agreement document?
Anulom.com has its own web app for data gathering (www.anulom.com).After sign up the user needs to enter owner, tenant and terms details. The payment page shows the total amount that needs to be paid. The components in the total amount shown are (Stamp duty + Registration fees + Anulom professional fees)


  1. Can you please tell me will this E Registered Rent Agreement will be valid as a proof for Passport creation documents?

  2. E registered document is a legal document and it can be used for passport application

  3. Do PCMC RTO accepts E Registered Rent Agreement? I need it for a new vehicle registration. Thanks

  4. Yes they should. IGR has publicly announced that e-Registration has exactly the same status as manual registration. If you come across anybody who questions E-registration – please direct him to IGR e-Registration site, show him/her the Index 2 of registration or show him/her the Document ID that is issued post registration. E-Registration has thumb impression of Registrar that could also be shown.
    Because this is a relatively new mechanism – there are a few occasions when such questions are asked which can be easily defended by pointing to the above proofs.

  5. My current leave & license agreement is expiring next month. Can I avail your services to renew the agreement? If yes, how shall the process differ from new registration?

  6. How Can a Tenant end the contract if he has to move out before the end date of the agreement?

  7. Aadhaar card is not a mandatory document for the citizens of India. However, you have mentioned that people availing e-registration facility need to have a PAN card as well as an Aadhaar card. Does that mean that people who do not have Aadhaar card cannot avail this facility? There must be some workaround.

  8. Madam,
    Aadhaar is mandatory for e registration because as part of the process your finger print is recorded and validated against Aadhaar system.
    Please let us know if you have anymore question

  9. Anonymous

    What are the charges for "anulom professional charges"?

  10. Anonymous

    for the witnesses is there any restriction on relatives. Can anyone be witness when anulom team visits (relatives included)

  11. Sir/Madam,

    As of 12/06/2015 Anulom Professional fees is Rs1399.


  12. Sir/Madam,

    There is no restriction.Anyone with Aadhaar and PAN number can be a witness


  13. I dont have aadhaar card. Whats the process if I just have the pan card?

  14. Sir/Madam,

    E registration requires all the parties to have Aadhaar number.In your case you have to visit registration office to complete leave and license registration process.


  15. Anonymous

    I live outside of India and I have not given POA to anyone so how can I avail your services?

  16. Sir,
    Yes it is possible to do e registration even if you reside out of country and we are very much providing this service.Please inbox your residence country and property address to
    EMAIL: contactus@anulom.com, support@anulom.com

    Best Regards
    Team Anulom

  17. Can you tell me that i have to buy new vehicle and agency is asking for police verified registered rent agreement. Is police verification is done in it or is it police verified.?

  18. Sir,

    E registration is the online way of registering your leave and license agreement without any visit to the registrar office(SRO).Police verification is a separate process and it is not included as part of registration.Police verification has to be done by individuals by carrying your registered leave and license agreement to the nearest police station.

    Team Anulom

  19. Hi team anulom, I am a BANK Officer want to avail your service but my bank have a std format for L&L which differs from the one that is available for a reference on your site. Some additions are need to be made in it. Please advise if i can do that. Thanks in advance.

  20. Sir/Madam,

    There is a miscellaneous section to add additional points however as per the advice from the registrar you cannot contradict the existing points that are available in the template.


  21. Hi,

    I have notarized rent agreement . Now I need registered for vehicle registration.
    My owner have PAN and adhaar. But I don't have adhar card.
    I can visit to any office if required. Please let me know if possible to do registered agreement.
    Vinay 9890982854

  22. Sir,

    To complete E registration of rent agreement Aadhaar and PAN number is compulsory.


  23. 2 queries. First – as a tenant if I am giving deposit amt via cheque your agreement doesn't capture cheque no. Second, in case the deposit amt is really large (greater than 10 months rent) can I have a clause binding penalty stating that if the deposit amount is not returned on or before last day of vacating the flat, the tenant has a right to stay in flat without paying rent till deposit is returned and penalty interest rate on interest free deposit paid. Third what if the landlord is also paying to society for car parking, its not captured in the agreement

  24. Sir,

    1) Cheque Number can be added in Clause No 3
    2) Any clause that is not covering your requirement can be added in Miscellaneous clause section However any clause added under Miscellaneous cannot contradict an existing clause as shown in government template.

  25. i asked anulom team for Registered agreement for 24 months and team told me approx 3000 rs. will be the expenses. Is this charges includes all your processing charges or i need to pay any additional fee.?

  26. Sir/Madam,

    Please use the below link to calculate the exact charge.



  27. I stay in Mumbai & want to rent my house which is in Pune. Whether Anulom executive will visit my Mumbai house & tenant (at Pune) for taking biometric? or do I need to be present in Pune along-with tenant for biometric?

  28. Dear Sir,

    Since we are serving Pune,Thane,Mumbai area ,Anulom executives can visit your place in Mumbai and Pune to complete the biometrics.Therefore it is not necessary for you to travel Pune to complete biometric process

  29. What is the procedure to become an e-registerer??? Is there any particular course to be done??? What is the fee to become an e- registerer?

  30. How many times/how many counts the licencor has to give thumb prints when making online application for leave and licence registration?

  31. I am renting a flat and owner is outside India and he has not even given POA to anyone. How can I get a registered agreement.

  32. Hi, Can you forward the link to index 2 from IGR site? I am not able to find the link.

  33. Is there standard format for rent deed which only can be e-registered ? Any addition / amendment is permitted or not ? How I can get copy of the standard format so as to go thru the same before we go for e- registration? After e-registration, whether copy of registered rent agreement is made available to land lord ?

  34. Any addition / amendment is permitted or not in your draft rent agreement ? How I can get copy of the standard format so as to go thru the same before we go for e- registration? After e-registration, whether copy of registered rent agreement is made available to land lord ?

    • Yes all of that is possible. Please call our customer support on +91-959-538-0945 so we can help you in specific case.

  35. Hello Team,
    I have made rent agreement in Nov 2017 for 11 months, Now i am going to outside India from Feb-2018 for next 2 years so i am unable to come in between. so can i make fresh rent agreement for the same property for 2 years from now.???

  36. Chethan Lobo

    My owner lives in Bangalore can we get the tenant Ageerment done without my owner visiting mumbai.

  37. Subhjaeet Mohanty

    Hello team

    There is a mistake in my name published in the document can anyone help. Me with this how to update the name. Only a slight position of alphabet is mistaken. Please help. Me out

  38. can i submit xerox copy of power of attorney,is tht ok

  39. What about if the property is sort of PG basis where people go and come anytime. or come on temporary basis ?

  40. I live in Delhi. I need to complete my rent registration as a tenant in Pune.
    Can I send a letter of undertaking, authorising someone else to complete it on my behalf. I will send a copy of Aadhar card and pan card.

  41. Rushikesh Ratnakar Shirsat

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    A leave and license agreement is legal only when stamp duty and registration is done. Am I correct and are both this aspects covered in case of E Registration or E Registered L&L agreement.

    Further can I add my own clauses to the standard format of E Registration L&L agreement..

    Please advise.. Thanks a lot

  42. Bro our owner is asking for 2000 as online registeration and says for both parties its 4000 u stated is 1300

  43. Hi Anulom,

    I want to renew my rent agreement using Anulom but my owner and his family living abroad. He is unable to give biometric. Can you suggest what will be the procedure in this situation.

    waiting for reply,

    Many Thanks



  45. Mangesh Swami

    Hi Sir,
    We have e registere rent agreement. Can we add new tenant in the existing rent agree.?
    If yes then please let me know the process.

  46. Poonam Kashelkar

    Need to register my L&L agreement, need biometrics to be done, can you help.
    what will be the charges.
    if you could me on 9821067320

  47. Hi,
    Is there character limit for miscellaneous clause in e-registration?


  48. The owner of my house is in U.S. and he has given power of attorney to someone in Amravati. What’s the process in this case and are there any additional charges?

  49. Binny Patel

    Hi Anulom,
    Can a tenant be added a few months after rent agreement is generated ?

  50. Hi
    For the additional clause to be added to the agreement is there a character limit ?

  51. Dhananjay K

    If the online process is started in month of April 2021. Adhar verification of Owner and Tenant is completed. However, witness biometric verification is pending due to COVID-19 lockdown. Now in the month of August can we complete the process or do I need to pay challan again and start new process for registration?

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