The Maharashtra government has introduced E-registration for Leave and License (Rental) Agreement(best way to do so is via www.anulom.com). Maharashtra governments E-registration module for the below cities –

1) Mumbai
2) Mumbai Suburban
3) Thane
4) Nashik
5) Pune
6) Nagpur
7) Raighad
8) Aurangabad
9) Nanded


All Owners ,tenants and identifiers(witneses) should have Adhaar and PAN number + Biometric device to scan fingerprint.



Step 1 :

www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ? Screen 1
  • Click Next


Step 2:

  • Please enter the property details.
  • Make sure you enter the correct Taluka and Village details as these two details cannot be updated  later once you move to the next screen
www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ? Property details
  • Click Save
  • Click Next Party details


Step 3:

  • Please take a note of  generated e registration leave and license token number seen in the top right  corner  of the screen.
  • Now select 
    www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ? Owner details
  •  Click “Save” and” Add: Party Details” button
  •  If there are multiple owners repeat the above steps for n number of owners
  • Select Document presenter(Usually party who pays amount for registration)
  •  Now select 
www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ? Tenant details


Step 4:

  • Now enter the Identifier details.There should two identifiers and both should have PAN and Adhaar number.


www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ? Tenant details


  •  Click Save
  •  To add Identifier 2 click on “Add : Identifier Details”


Step 5:

  • Click on “Next:Rent & Other Terms”
  • Enter the details as applicable
www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ? Terms details
  • Enter the deposit amount details below
  • Click “Add Payment details”
  • Select the appropriate Term and condition(4.1 or 4.2) and click “View Selected T & C”
www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ? Deposit amount details
  • After completing the above details press “Save”
  • Click “View Draft  Document” to move to the next step


Step 6:

  • Review the document before clicking the “Execute” button
  • Make necessary changes by going back if any errors found in the details
www.anulom.com how to do e registration of leave and license ?


Step 7:

Now use web cam and biometric device to complete your online registration
Please visit www.anulom.com or mail us to contactus@anulom.com to avail our doorstep service for e registration. Anulom has its own user friendly mobile based app to gather owner ,tenant and terms details.Use it once to get the feel how easy it is ! Happy renting !!


  1. What are the registration charges for online payment?

  2. Rent agreement is possible without owner presence ?

  3. What are your charges for the door step service?

  4. Sorry for the late reply.

    Owner presence is must

  5. Please login to http://www.anulom.com to know more about the charges

  6. is aadhar card necessary for both parties?

  7. My owner has moved to Kochi, and I live in Pune. I just booked a vehicle and I need the registered agreement to get the licence number. Any way to make this happen?

  8. Owner and tenant physical presence is necessary to complete e registration

  9. All the parties including witness should have Aadhaar and Pan number

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. How can we have a biometric device at home (Step 7)

  12. I like the transparency but it's only possible when owner directly gives his property on rent. what about broker and his brokerage ? it's big issue every year we have to pay them a big amount.

  13. You can contact us at 9595380945 to know our process..

  14. Aadhaar is compulsory for all parties

  15. whether it can be present in court as proof, as I am taking heavy deposit room of Rs.700000

  16. whether this can be present in court as proof, as I am taking room on heavy deposit of 700000
    As like Leave & License Agreement with notary is valuable.

  17. Sir,

    E registration by Maharashtra government is the online way of registering your leave and license document.


  18. I have already paid the registration charges through a bank, is it possible to still register online?

  19. Sir,

    Yes you can still register online.


  20. yes.. its mandatory for owner and tenant to be present physically to complete e registration

  21. hi,

    Is there an alternative process for verifying thumb impressions. Due to age my landlord's fingerprints are not matching with that of adhar. I have already completed rest of the process including payment of registration and stamp fees. Its all stuck because of this,. Is it possible to sign the document manually now.

  22. There is no alternative in eRegistration as owner Adhhar is not matching. You can initiate new manual registration process and may be able to use stamp duty and registration fee paid for eRegistration.

    If you are Anulom customer, please write to anulomcontact@gmail.com with your document ID with Anulom for further correspondence.


  23. Hi,
    I am located in Chennai and have a property in Thane, Maharashtra. Is it possible to do e-registration without visiting Thane via Anulom (I do not have the biometric fingerprint device, my laptop does have a webcam).

    If yes please let me know the step by step process.

    • Hi Kalyan, yes its possible to do the e-registration without you having to leave Chennai. Call our customer support on +91-959-538-0945, they will explain everything clearly.

  24. I am located in USA and I have property in Pune ,Maharashtra. Is it possible to do e-registration without visiting Pune via Anulom (I do not have the biometric fingerprint device but I can buy one here, my laptop does have a webcam).

  25. Maharashtra. Is it possible to do e-registration without visiting Thane via Anulom (I do not have the biometric fingerprint device, my laptop does have a webcam).

  26. I have given my property in Mumbai on leave and license agreement and have also registered the agreement with Registrar. However, I just came to know that details of licensor (address/details and phone number, AADHAR card, PAN card, photo ID proof), licensee (permanent address/details, office address/details and phone number, AADHAR card, PAN card, photo ID proof) and broker (address/details and phone number, AADHAR card, PAN card, photo ID proof) should be submitted to the local police as “Police Intimation”. There’s a document on Mumbai police website also. Now I am out of India. Mumbai police does not accept the form online. Can you help me file this document with Mumbai police?

  27. suresh pillai

    I am located in Delhi and have a flat in Mumbai which I want to give on lease , is it
    possible to do stamp duty and e- registration without me going to mumbai will the aggrement
    papar will be legal for the tenant for his passport renovation

    If possibale pls let me know step by step

  28. Sandeep Naik

    How to get token number

  29. My landlord fingerprint is not matching due to faulty machine brought by anulom executive.
    Do we need to raise a new request and will it be chargeable?or will it be part of existing appointment?
    it is not our fault in any way.

  30. Haw many days it take to register document after submitting it? I am getting below the message when logging “The Document is submitted for registration. Hence cannot be edited.”

  31. instead of a webcam, can we use the laptop camera to click photos?

  32. Dear Anulom team ,
    I had chat with your executive online and asked that owner and tenant in different cities , i.e Pune and Kolhapur and as per the communication he said both city they are covering and will able to proceed to leave and licence agreement . I again asked about any additional charges for Kolhapur city visit , he confirmed me that 1st visit they will do and any additional visit Anulom will charge 590 with GST . After getting confirmation I had made a payment on 25th Dec 18 and proceed for agreement and fixed appointment on 27th @ 3 pm for Bio-metrics.And same details of appointment mail gone to my Tenant . On 27th at 2.30 pm I got call from your team saying that they are not covering the Kolhapur city till now and call forwarded to Pune team and executive have to travel from Pune to Kolhapur and you will be charged Rs 3000/- extra . I got shocked to hear when I confirmed before going forward how can you asked me for additional payment and that too on the day when my tenant actually out of city for 15 days and has managed to be present for Bio-metric and half hour earlier I got call like this ?. From that time their was no any confirm concrete solution I got till now, Yesterday I again got call from your team from 7888001550 as per communication , I explain her every thing and she said its not 3000/- you will be charged 1500/- additional but again I confirm her before proceeding I had confirm with your executive on chat that their will be no additional charges for Kolhapur city visit then why you are asking then again she said I will check and confirm you, since then I had not received any call from your team and still my agreement is lying at that stage only.I am chatting with your executive continuously till this time but no concrete revert I had received , I really got frustrated and dont know what next to do.
    Very Bad experience I am getting and dont have any numbers of seniors to whom I had to speak
    Since 25th already 4 days gone in this ………….but no resolution i received.

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  34. This is my first time visit at here and i am actually pleassant to
    read everthing at alone place.

  35. Abhishek Singh

    Token No: 20091299902065

    Hello Sir,

    I have have submitted the rent for for registration on 12th September 2020, It has been more than 11 days but the agreement is not yet registered..

    I have called many time to the call center and registered complaints there but nothing happened. Whenever I am checking the status of the agreement it’s showing “Documents submitted for the registration hence can not be editted”.

    Please help me.. Society is not issuing gate pass without registerd rent agreement.


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