Competent Authority (सुक्ष्म प्राधिकारी न्यायालय) is the one appointed by the Maharashtra State Government for the purpose of exercising the powers conferred, and for performing the duties imposed on him under the Maharashtra Rent control Act, 1999.

Pune Competent Authority

The competent Authority for Pune Division is situated at Griha Nirman Bhavan (MHADA) near Alankar Talkies, camp, Pune 411001.

Behind Alankar Talkies, Pune

The five districts come under Pune Division, namely Pune, Kolhapur, Solapur, Satara, and Sangli.

A licensor may submit an application to the competent authority signed and verified as if it were a plaint for the purpose of recovery of possession of the premises from the licensee. This application for eviction of licensee requires stamp duty of Rs. 200/-

     The following documents are required to be submitted along with the application for eviction-
a)       True copy of the leave-licence agreement
b)        An application for permission to submit the eviction application.
The competent Authority for Mumbai region is situated  at Konkan Building, MHADA, Bandra, Mumbai.
– Adv. Avinash Chaphekar


  1. rahul abhyankar

    if licence fee is not paid then what to do?

    • Hi, the fees are mandatory. For in-depth understanding you can call our customer support on +91-959-538-0945

  2. Anwar sayed

    All eviction cases update

    • V C henriques

      D party has been served eviction notice by competent authority but d party has closed d premises handed d keys to d secretary n disappeared. However she has defaulted on payment for more than 16 months n some cheques hv bounced for a ll period of 22 months. The competent authority at bandra has given a favourable verdict to d lessor to recover d dues. Which court will handle but how do I get her address.

  3. V C henriques

    D competent authority had passed a judgement of eviction of d lessee however d case was filed for non payment of rentals n bouncing of cheques however d lessee ran away from d rented premises without payment if dues n gas n electricity charges. How do I recover this monies.also now I do not know d address of d lessee I only hv d pan card. Pls help. Regards

  4. What the recourse if the licensor doesn’t not refund Security deposit and claim unjustifying amount for deduction. Licensor want me to pay 50% of the amount he has spend in renovation in 2015 , before handing over to me.

  5. For shop given on leave and license and registerd and If the license not handing over possession after expiry or does not intend to give or handover the premises

  6. V C henriques

    Await Above response

  7. Akshay Bhandari

    I have given my shop on rent to a retired judge for a period of 33 months (registered under leave and license).

    The minimum lock in period for both was 11 months and has now expired. It’s 17 months; I spoke to him and asked him to vacate the premises in 3 months.

    Instead, he is saying he cannot give me a definite date. Plus asking me to pay a compensation for his furniture. Agreement clearly states:

    – He needs to take written permission from me to do furniture; any furniture done will be at his cost.
    – he cannot sub let or allow other business. He has opened up a clinic for his son.

    He is bullying us and telling us you go legal way and he will show us who he is.

    What remedy can be done in this case?

    • Dear Akshay,

      In such case best way to deal with it is to send eviction notice by registered AD post. Also approach competent authority. In parallel discuss with tenant to resolve conflict mutually.

      Team Anulom

  8. V C henriques

    Whether the lessee is a judge or an ordinary citizen u can only try by using force. However d laws r so weak that no police jurisdiction powers will help. It’s termed by them a civil case. Option is u hv to go to d competent authority at khada bandra to get an eviction notice. Here u will surely get a decree in your favour for eviction .is he regularly paying yr rent monthly

  9. How much time does it take to get the room evicted if a licensee is not agree to vacate after leave and license period is over after submitting the application to competent authority in Bandra?

  10. Kanchan Bhoneja

    I have filed case the licensee is not vacate the premises and not paid fees since last 5years . But I am getting only dates .after 7 months of filing got judgement order then judge got promotion then then for 5 months there was no any judge was appointed. Finally the powers given to Pune judge ii visited to Pune, she hasve also time passed and after 4 visits she told me her transfer order are received and she can’t pass my order, I have spent so many amount by way of paying advocate fees. Tell me how I will get justice and when. The lady enjoying my house without paying single pie. And I am paying for my accommodation and advocate fees along with. To

  11. Kanchan Bhoneja

    Kanchan Bhoneja my above case fate tell me suggestion on my email

  12. Jaykumar Bondse

    is there a online registration process also for mumbai?

  13. Bharat Bafna

    I went to the office of Competent Authority to inquire regarding commercial disputes the office staff refuses that Competent Authority is only for residential disposal and not for commercial shop disputes under leave and license registered agreement, and told me to file court as the licensee have not accepted legal notice sent to him on Three address including Leave and License premise Licensee have non pay Four month license fees, even Electricity bills are not paid They have taken the electricity meter, even the licensee have appointed goons who have threatened me with dire consequences, Goons have connections with local police authorities have refused to file FIR and refused and asked to file eviction suit against goons for trespassing given Application to Additional Commission of police

  14. Prince Koli

    Can an application be made to recover excess License fees paid to the Licensor?

  15. Where or how can I get model draft of application to be made before competent authority for getting order for vacating the premises after leave and License agreement has expired and tenent is not vacating the premises nor paying the rent.

  16. Ashwin Hawelikar

    The offense related monies can never be criminal. As far as whereabouts of the licensee is concerned, it is responsibility of the licensor to take all the necessary documentary proofs of permanent and native place address along with Aadhar card of the person before giving flat on rent. So that the amount can be recovered from them. As long as the licensee is occupying premises, licensor gets rent as well as penalty as per law. Make sure you are giving flats to those who have Passport / Aadhar / and native place proof.

    • v c henriques

      5 yrs back the requirement of aadhar was not necessary. so how do u verify the truth of permanent address. The requirement of aadhar car is only initiated now.
      Even with aadhar card whats d use as the person may not be staying there and how do u verify the current address

    • c v henriques

      5 yrs back the requirement of aadhar was not necessary. so how do u verify the truth of permanent address. The requirement of aadhar car is only initiated now.
      Even with aadhar card whats d use as the person may not be staying there and how do u verify the current address

  17. It’s true as to y should the police not ask the Licensee to vacate if the agreement is registered and the term is over or notice for vacating has been given by the Licensor. This way the backlog of cases increases and a Licensor has to unnecessarily suffer at the hands of a slow and therefore ineffective legal system.

  18. My license is not ready to vacate the flat even after the termination of the agreement she was on heavy deposit.she has also created nuisance with neighbors N.C was also reported against her entire building has issued notice against her .she is not paying maintenance & light bills too….& Not leaving my house to I needed it for my own resident what can I do plz help ?

  19. Suraj Baranwal

    From where I can check the further date of my case

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