1.  Any property, whether movable or immovable, can be transferred from one hand to another , by way of will, gift, sale/ purchease , mortagage, lease, release, exchange.

  2.  Any kind of transfer of, immovable property, when it is valued over Rs.100|- has to be registered.

  3. The document of will is not required by law to be registered. but it is advisable to register it when there are a number of beneficiaries and a possibility of a dispute arising among them when the contents of the will come into effects.

  4. The document of will does not require to be written on a stamp paper . it is duty –free.

  5. A document which is required by law to be registered is not registered then it has no legal value and cannot stand in the court of law.

  6. Any document which is required by law to be registered by law to be registered with in four months from the date of it’s execution.

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  1. Is it possible to verify ,if a person died 5 years ago ,was owning the property.,where he was staying….Given the name ,work place and date of birth?

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