Things to keep in mind while buying a Flat-

A) If it is a society then it is required to check if
1) It is registered.
2) Whether conveyance has been done.

B) If both are in place ,the following documents are required.
1) Noc from society.
2) copy of the conveyance deed.
3) society share certificate.

C) If society is registered but conveyance not done, then collect the following documents.
1) Register agreement between builder and flat owner.
2) Noc from the builder and the society.
3) Society share certificate.
4) Completion certificate or occupation (bhogavta patva) certificate.
5) Sanctioned plan with seal.
6) Societies no dues certificate.
7) No mortagage certificate.
8) Property tax receipt.
9) Last paid electricity bill receipt.

D) If it is apartment condominium then the following documents are required to be collected.
1) Development agreement between land owner and builder.
2) Agreement to seel between builder and purchaser(flat owner)
3) Deed of declaration.
4) Deed of apartment (between builder and purchaser)
5) Completion or occupation certificate.
6) Sanctioned plan (or true copy of the plan attached to a previous document)
7) Property tax receipt, and last paid electricity bill receipt.

If there is no deed of apartment executed between builder and previous purchaser (now vendor) then the parties can execute only the agreement to sell. moreover the vendor should state on oath (affidavit)that there is no deed of apartment previously executed by him and he has not sold out the flat to anybody.

When there is apartment condominium the Dee of apartment is an important document. This document is executed by three parties, namely owner of the land ,purchaser(of an apartment) and developer.

Before signing the deed at apartment the purchaser should go through it and check the following thing

1) The title of the land owner in respect of the land on which the building is or is to be constructed.
2) A certificate from an experienced advocate as to the clear title without any encumbrances,rights, interests etc.
3) Plans and specifications of the building approved by the concerned local authority.
4) Whether the fixtures, fittings, amenities (including the provision for one or more lifts) have been mentioned in the document.
5) Specifications of the apartment to the he purchased. these include the floor on which it is located ,it’s No, area, etc.
6) Registration of this deed is a must

–Advocate Avinash Chafekar

Anulom CTA


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