1. If the grantor of the License transfers the property the transferee is not bound by the License.If the Licensee carries out a work of a permanent nature and incurred money in it the Licensor can revoke the License.

  2. The grantor can revoke the License by preventing the access to the property. Breach of leave- License agreement is a sufficient ground for The revocation of the License.

  3. If the Licensee is not vacating the premises even after termination or revocation of his License, then there is a speedy justice system to be availed by the Licensor.

  4. The state government has created a competent authority to deal with the cases arising out of the leave- License agreement.If the Licensee is not vacating the premises, the Licensor can approach the competent authority with an application and the competent authority can summarily evict the Licensee on the basis of the leave- License agreement only.

  5. Breach of leave n license agreement is a sufficient ground for revocation of the license.

—Advocate Avinash Chafekar

Advocate Avinash Chafekar


  1. What is an alterenative if tenant & owner both dont have UID, while doing online registration of leave & licence agreement

  2. You have to visit your taluka SRO office to register your document..

  3. Rajendra S Rastiya.

    I have House at Vashi, Navi Mumbai rented to a Doctor for residence under the registered L & L Agreement for 3 years (Through online registration as per Govt. Format) and after 9 months the rent cheque given by him is returned due to insufficient fund in his account and he is not receiving my phone and even after visiting at his hospital or at rented house he is not allowing to meet so I want to revoke the L & L agreement, so 1. What will be procedure?., 2.how much time it will take to get back possession?, 3. What will be expenses including your fees if I want to handove case to you?

  4. I am owner of premise and given on LL basis with registered agreements now he want to break agreement in one year lock in is 21month and 3 month notice period with only 3 month deposit. How much cost can I charge to company to let him go if I move court how long it takes for judgement how much court order to pay my party

  5. I have regisered the L&L agreement for my Flat.Within a weeks time of registration,proposed tenant got better
    option he conveyed me that he is not intrested to occupy the flat.
    Now how to cancle the registered L&L document/Index 2 generated while registering on Line. etc.
    Thanks & Regards

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