License is permission for restricted use of immovable property.The owner of the property grants to another person or a definite number of persons a right to do or continue to do in or upon immovable property of the grantor. Such a right does not amount to an easement or any kind of interest in the property, and is called License.

A License to use an immovable property does not mean or include the possession of the property.Possession and control remains with the grantor. A right to use the property is restricted to a specific period of time, space and a particular way, and under certain conditions.

License can be created by permission only, whether express or implied.Licensee cannot transfer his License, i.e. his right to use the property.To grant a License the grantor should have lawful possession or ownership or any kind of lawful interest in the property.

—Advocate Avinash Chafekar

Advocate Avinash Chafekar

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