Registration of any document proves the validity and enforceability of a document. To prove any dispute between parties, the agreement has to be produced before the Court. However, if such agreement is not registered then such agreement will not be enforceable and not admitted by the Court.

Benefits of registering a Leave and License Agreement

1)  Mentions Conditions

It clearly states all the conditions of the stay including duration, cost, and other specifics.

2)  Clarity

In case of a dispute, a registered Leave and license agreement ensures that neither the Tenant nor the Owner can go back on their commitments or exceed their stay.

3)  Enforceable

Often the agreement can be enforced with the help of the police.

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4)  Secures property

Property prices are very high these days and having an agreement that you can use to re-claim your property in case of a dispute is absolutely essential. For a tenant it is absolutely imperative to have a registered agreement cause it protects his right to stay for a certain duration and ensures some amount of stability.

5)  Address proof

For the tenants the L&L agreement is a valid address proof and this one document gives you a proper domicile and helps you avoid tricky situations where you are required by law to produce an address proof.

6)  Legally Binding

It is a legal document. It legally binds the parties to the terms mentioned in it like – Security amount, rent amount, stay duration, other payables, purpose of use of property etc.

7)  Legal proof

To prove a dispute, you need to have a valid L&L Agreement with terms agreed to, and then demonstrate the violation.

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  1. Often the agreement cab be enforceable with the help of police please explain the relevant point needed in this matter

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