Welcome to Anulom’s complete guide to renting. As a stake holder in the Renting community and having contributed already to making Renting easier for lacs of people, we thought what more can we do to ensure that Renting is a lot more easier for people in India. So here are a few suggestions on our behalf, to make renting a lot more easier for you!

1) Finding a Place to rent

Duh, the most obvious, innit? While in this day and age, it is easier to find places to rent, and you aren’t restricted to conventional means of hiring an agent for the same (although its still the fastest and the costliest way), here we explore a few a places where you can find your dream place to rent –


There are multiple website that will help you find a good property to rent. Though their effectiveness varies and these are by-and-large populated and used by agents themselves (oh the irony!), you might still get lucky and find something that you like!
Some of the popular websites are –

  • Housing.com
  • Magicbricks.com
  • Nobroker
  • 99acres.com
  • commonfloor.com
  • propertybazaar.com

These are some of the most popular sites where you can find a property to rent (in no particular order).

DIY Groups

Personally we love these! Nothing like a community that comes together, cuts out the middlemen and helps each other! A perfect fit for the students that are studying out of their home town. IT would be impossible to name ALL of these groups (Serious, there’s a lot of them and each very popular.) But we will list a few of the most popular ones in bigger metros.

Mumbai –

https://www.facebook.com/groups/mumbairentals/ , https://www.facebook.com/groups/flatsinmumbaiwithoutbrokers/

Delhi –



Bangalore –



Pune –






Hyderabad –



If you are from a different city you can always search for a similar group on facebook for your city.


Twitter is an amazing place to find places to rent. However it takes a little more work and finesse to use it to its full potential. Here are a few simple way –

a) Tweet your requirement or offer

When you tweet about your requirement Tag the popular city handles and popular people from the city! A retweet from any of these will help you get noticed by people who might have something to offer

b) Use hashtags

Hashtags are the most important thing on twitter. Simply search for #Mumbai or #Delhi or #NameOfYourCity aand go through the posts.

c) Keywords

When you search for the hashtag above it will list a lot of random stuff along with a lot of spam ( A LOT). So what you do is simply put a keyword along with it. So your search string becomes – “ #Mumbai rent” , “#Delhi apartment rent” etc. You get the idea.
The idea is to think how people would tweet their requirements and use the most relevant key words to search

d) Ask friends to retweet

Seriously, the good old word of mouth gets triple charged with the power of social media. People on twitter are a large hearted bunch, and you can easily get multiple Retweets that expose you to lakhs of people. However remember to return the favour in case someone else needs it. Remember it works as long as we all contribute J

e) Listen to the conversation

Sometimes you might be just starting out your research, and want to know what area is the best, or what area is safe, or fits your budget. It helps to follow the conversations using the methods listed above and tune into to the chatter for more info about your city’s spots.

If you have found another way to utilize social media in your property/tenant hunt, then let us know!


2) Things to check

So you’ve found your favourite property, your dream abode for the forseable future and now you want to be sure its perfect. Here’s what you check –


Is the area enough for your requirements? Will you be having kids soon? Is there space or rooms for those little munchkins? Do you have a pet and will they be comfortable there? Add to the list depending on your personal requirements!

Water supply

Unless you’re from an alien race, you definitely need to check for water supply. Is it 24/7 ? IF not is available at a time when you will be home? Does the area face water shortage during some parts of the year? How is the drinking water situation? We don’t mean to stress you out, but you have to check these things before you move in, or regret later L

Anulom CTA


Distance from work, distance from schools, distance from your favourite party place. Seriously, unless you love public transport or long traffic jams, you have to consider the distance from your most visited places.


We deliberately put cost lower down, cause unlike what most people think, its not the priority. Any issues on the above fronts will have you spending a lot of money cause you didn’t think of them before.

Owner and their plans

Is the owner courteous? Is he planning to sell the property in the near future? Is he looking to rent the property for a duration that matches your need? You must have a conversation on these things, or you might find your self without a place on a short notice.

Changes to the property

Do you need any changes to the property to make it hospitable and upto your standards of living? Maybe you need an AC that’s not already there? Is the owner open to such changes? You must have a conversation about these things.


3) Costs

Budget the costs of the property when you are considering one. You should check –

a) Rent per month

b) Deposit owner wants

c) Stamp duty on Rent Agreement (leave & License Agreement)

d) Maintenance of the apartment (if the society requires it, who pays it?)

e) Brokerage – so you went the old way, through an agent, you should understand the brokerage charges and get an estimate from him. Some charge a flat fee, some charge a months rent from both the owner and the tenant.

Make sure estimate and budget these costs or you’ll find your pocket a lot lighter by the time you move into your new place!



4) Registering Agreement –

This is the most important part of the whole process. You kept all of the above things in mind, but didn’t register an agreement on those lines? Well you’ll have a tough time enforcing the above terms that you mutually set. So to ensure that make sure you register the agreement.
Registering an agreement has a lot of benefits –

<insert anulom Benefits of registration creative> <soft sell>

5) Renewing Rent Agreement

Its easy to forget to renew the agreement while you’re staying in your dream house and put you and your family at risk. Make sure you renew the agreement every year. Anulom makes it super easy to do that! If you registered an agreement with us, we will call you a few months before the expiry of a year and remind you to register the same! What’s better is that you don’t need to repeat the same process, other than a visit by an anulom agent to verify the agreement using Aadhar verification.


So folks that’s our bit on Renting. We hope we made it easier for you rent a property. Don’t forget to give us a call to register the agreement. We are the only provider that aims to make it super easy for you to rent properties!

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