Notarized vs registered rent agreement

If anyone has told you that a notarized rent agreement is the best option, you’ve been misled. At first, getting your rent agreement notarized might seem so simple and easy – it takes just a few hours of work by you and a willing notary on easily available stamp paper. However, notarized documents are not recognized by the court and could get you in a lot of trouble.
According to the Maharashtra Rent Control Act of 1999 (ChapRegistered rent agreement versus notarized rent agreementter IX, Section 55), a “tenancy agreement (has) to be compulsorily registered”. This regulatory act prescribes terms to all landlords for providing essential supply or services to their tenants – electricity, water, sanitation, etc. It directs the landlord on the percentage of rent increment allowed per annum, and terms for recovery of the property. It also states that the landlord and tenant must reach an agreement in writing that should be registered, for without it, the court will have to work in favor of the tenant if he/she claims ill-treatment by the landlord.

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The rent agreement is a powerful document – a written record of all conditions stated by the landlord and agreed upon by the tenant. This could be anything from amount of rent, deposit, period of tenancy, pets, parking facilities, utility bill payments to even society maintenance charges. Moreover, the onus of getting this rent agreement – legally called Leave and License Agreement – registered is on thelandlord. What is more, the Act emphasizes that any landlord who fails to meet this requirement will face a penalty and/or imprisonment too. Taking it lightly is not an option.
Don’t fall for scams that claim legal grounds for getting a notarized agreement, or even its affordability. As a landlord, you have everything to lose if your rent agreement is not registered. Notarized rent agreements are not valid as address proof documents for tenants as well. We recommend you discourage your tenant from opting for a notarized agreement and go for a document registered by the Sub-Registrar’s Office.
The process to get your Leave and License Agreement registered is simplified through the online method. And with Anulom, it is as easy as 1-2-3. Our 3-step process gets your registered document to you in just 3-4 days. Enter your details on our website to get a filled agreement draft right before your eyes. Book an appointment for a doorstep visit by our executive to conduct a bio-metric verification. Sign off on the final draft and receive your soft copy by email as soon as it is registered.
Anulom is the only government-approved doorstep service provider for rent agreement registration, and with our seasonal offers, you can be sure you are making the right choice. Call +91 9595380945 or visit to find out how easy it is to get your Leave and License Agreement registered.


  1. Subhash bhalchandra Dadarkar

    Dear sir I have done online leave and liacenc agreement on 30-12 2018.when I got the copy it was without thumbnail impression of Sr registerd and no copy of index paper and chakan my documents no. For registration is 14805. I shall be thankful to you if you can help me. Is it possible to missed from mail or it takes time as almost 15 days passed .

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