Need your rent agreement registered? Mumbai’s dabbawallas bring laptops and bio-metric devices to your doorstep to complete the online process.

Can anyone personify superb logistics better than the beloved Mumbai dabbawalla? Five thousand such exemplary individuals deliver 200,000 lunchboxes every day, with a 99.99999 percent precision rate! Over the last 125 years, Mumbaikars have had hot homemade food delivered to their offices by these urban soldiers who brave the city’s inclement weather, traffic and crowded local trains to do their job meticulously.

Their Six Sigma certified process has earned praise from corporate giants all over the world, but their philosophy remains the same – making the lives of Mumbai citizens simpler and easier. This same philosophy, coupled with their excellent supply chain management approach, is being harnessed to bring e-governance to our doorsteps through a partnership with Anulom for their last-mile delivery service.

What is the Anulom + Digital Dabbawalla partnership?

Anulom is a government-approved doorstep service provider that is taking path-breaking steps to make Digital India a reality. With rent agreement registrations being mandatory in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, and others in Maharashtra, Anulom solves a much felt need by facilitating the creation of rent agreements and conducting bio-metric verifications for submission to the Sub-Registrar’s Office. This is done through a seamless process of bringing together technology, the government’s e-initiatives and one-of-a-kind doorstep services. While most of the process of creating a registered rent agreement, or a leave and license agreement as it is called, can be completed easily on the Anulom website, both the owner of the property and the tenant need to physically scan their fingerprints for government verification.

This process has been simplified greatly by the inclusion of the dabbawallas whose reputation for timeliness and integrity helps make Anulom’s service worthier of our customers’ trust.

How does it work?

1. When you chose an Anulom rent agreement, you just have to create an account on our website

2. Enter the details of all the parties involved and the property and generate a draft of the rent agreement.

3. Once you pay the fees online, you can pre-book an appointment for bio-metric verification.

4. A dabbawalla with a laptop and a bio-metric device will arrive at your doorstep at the appointment time to complete the process.

5. After that, your documents are all submitted to the Sub Registrar’s office and your registered rental agreement will be ready in a couple of days.

Anulom handpicks and trains dabbawallas on how to use all the technology required to perform the bio-metric verification tasks. The first 15 dabbawallas to be trained by Anulom showed tremendous promise in the two-day boot camp and were confident of being able to operate all the devices at the customer’s location. Anulom’s trainers have also installed a supporting app on the dabbawallas’ mobiles, through which they can just point at the documents for the leave and license agreement and click to enter details, without needing to type a single letter and therefore, creating a sense of ease for the customer as well as themselves.

An article in The Economic Times quotes Ulhas Muke, President of the Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association as saying, “Most of our staff is semi-literate. We earn around Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 per month and were looking for opportunities to have an additional source of income. Our Prime Minister is working towards a Digital India mission, and when we got an opportunity from Anulom Technologies for rental registrations, we too decided to offer digital services.”

The first batch of dabbawallas trained by Anulom are now trainers themselves, spreading the digital revolution in their community and helping make their cities go digital all the way!

Why choose Digital Dabbawalla?

1. Easy, hassle-free registration: No more waiting in long queues at the government office; you can do it at your convenience in you free time.

2. Doorstep amenity: Trust the tireless service of the trusted dabbawalla who will come to you with a laptop and a smile on his face!

Anulom CTA

3. Keep track: You can use our website to keep track of the status of your rent agreement registration.

4. Legal opinion: Our experts are at hand to provide their valued opinion in creating your rent agreement.

5. Go cashless: Pay for the registered rental agreement using credit/debit card, or net banking.

6. Live edit: You can check out the draft of your rent agreement online as you enter the details from the comfort of your home.

7. Multiple visits: We also arrange separate visits for the owner and tenant if they cannot make it to the same appointment.

What’s more?

Digital dabbawalla also provides its services for marriage registration and online marriage certificates. The process follows similar steps:

a. Upload your details online

b. Pay the fees and book your appointment

c. Dabbawalla comes for a doorstep visit.

Anulom removes the hassle of dealing with a broker in getting your rent agreement or marriage certificate registered. We also offer bonus facilities such as assisted services, where our executive can help you get the required details from your documents to create your rental agreement, and police intimation, where we help you provide details of your property and tenancy to the local authorities.

What are the charges?

It is simple to calculate your rent agreement charges – just visit our website to fill in the details of the city, tenancy period, property type, average monthly rent and refundable deposit amount and our handy calculator will tell you the approximate charges. Look out for our seasonal coupon codes for attractive discounts on our services.

Online registration of your rent agreement has never been easier. Our back-end section is completely online, supporting you in tracking the status of your registered rental agreement or helping with queries, in an effort to provide seamless and uninterrupted service through modern technology.

Our mission is to build a reliable platform of last mile services and our dabbawallas are paving the way for us. Visit to begin your rent agreement registration today and welcome a dabba-full of modern India into your home!


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