Anulom’s Distant Registration Service helps you register rental agreements for your Maharashtra properties from any country you reside in, no broker needed.


Property owners in Maharashtra who want to register their rent agreements are relieved that the government has made their entire process online. The only physical step to be taken by the owner and tenant is to verify their identity through a bio-metric device. And while this is a boon to property owners who live in the same city or country, it can be a daunting challenge for those who live abroad but own rental property in Maharashtra. The e-initiatives of the government solve only half the problems of bureaucracy, a physical verification of their identity through bio-metric scanning of thumbprints is still required.

Anulom provides the ideal solution to this problem through our Distant Registration Service. Using a robust mix of the latest technology and our unique doorstep service, Anulom has been at the forefront of online rent agreement registration by making the e-governance experience easy and hassle-free for our customers. All one must do is visit our website and enter all the details required in the rent agreement format; upon pre-booking an appointment with our executive, we conduct bio-metric verification at your doorstep and at a time convenient to you.

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We now extend the same service to our customers in foreign countries as well. We believe that you do not need to appoint a broker or send a representative with the power of attorney just to get your leave and license agreement registered. We partner with global courier services to bring the bio-metric device to your doorstep and complete the verification of your identity. It is then uploaded to the Maharashtra government website to ensure your rental agreement in Pune, Mumbai, or any of our preferred cities in the state, is registered by the right authorities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call us at +91-959-538-0945, email us at or visit our website to submit preliminary details of the owner and tenant’s addresses.
  2. We help you create your rent agreement online through our agreement generator, where you can see the draft being prepared as you enter further details.
  3. Once this draft is approved, we ship the bio-metric device to your location anywhere around the world and our expert will help you register remotely. We simultaneously conduct the biometric verification of the tenant in Maharashtra.
  4. All the documents and the bio-metric readings are uploaded to the government website for registration.
  5. You receive an email with your registered rent agreement in 3-5 days.

It is that simple to ensure your property remains safe and legally let out. Anulom harnesses the best technological advancements to ensure that the e-initiatives of our government reach all citizens and benefits them. What’s more, our back-end operations work 24×7, so you can create a profile, enter details, approve your draft and track the status of your rent agreement registration any time. There is no reason to let the time difference hold you back!

Visit to request a call from our executives and find out more about securing your property the right way.


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