In Pune city, online police intimation of tenant’s information by the landlords is a crucial step after getting your Leave and License agreement registered.

Your local police station can be a source of comfort to owners of property in Pune. The Government of Maharashtra has joined hands with the Maharashtra Police to make submission of tenant information to the police for verification mandatory. This means that the owner must take the initiative to submit all the information regarding the tenant to the police through a tenant information form online to get them verified. This pays off in the end as it helps you get a background check on your tenants as well.

Why is police intimation and verification needed?

Police intimation of tenant information and verification are very important steps in ensuring there is a level of trust between the owner and tenant. In a country as populated as India, housing is essential to survival; there are many people and families looking for affordable places to live. The owner must be able to sift through the applications for tenancy to find a reliable tenant. Police verification helps ensure that the tenant is a good citizen and does not hold any prior record with the police.

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Police intimation is also useful for our law enforcement to keep track of citizens living in a particular area to help protect them better. With all the information in their hands, the police can ascertain the level of safety in their area and take further measures if necessary.

What is the process?

The police department has made the process simple by transferring it completely online. Landlords need no longer visit their nearby police stations to submit tenant information. With Anulom, the procedure becomes even easier. Register your rental agreement with us and we will have all the information on the tenant with us – we can then use this to send an intimation to the police, who will then carry out the verification and inform the landlord. Here’s what you must do:

  1. Visit and log in for getting a registered rent agreement.
  2. Submit information regarding the owner and tenant through the documents required – address proof, ID proof, PAN card and Aadhaar card.
  3. Get your rent agreement registered after biometric verification and opt for police intimation among our other services.
  4. Our team will fill in the tenant information form with the details already registered and submit it to the concerned police station for verification.

There is nothing better than having peace of mind as a landlord – getting police verification helps in lowering the risk of getting questionable tenants when you rent out your property. As a citizen of our country, it is also the duty of each property owner to ensure that our law enforcement authorities are informed about the settlers in their area. Log in to or call +91 9595380945 to learn more about this simple yet important process.


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