We answer your frequently asked questions on how to get your rent agreement registered online


It’s a big deal to give your prized property out on rent, and even more when you have to prepare a rental agreement with your tenant for registration with the government. It’s only natural that you will have a lot of questions about the process.

Let us help you out by answering the most frequently asked questions about getting your rental agreement registered.


1. What is a rent agreement?

A rental agreement or a leave and license agreement is a formal legal contract between the owner of a property and the people who want to rent it. The tenants are informed about all the amenities available in the property during the period of tenancy and the amount of rent and deposit, as well as any conditions regarding maintenance and upkeep of the property during that period. The written form of this bond is called a rent agreement.

2. Is it compulsory to get rent agreement registered?

Yes, it is mandatory to get your rent agreement registered. According to the Registrations Act of India, it is compulsory for landlords to get their rent agreements with their tenants registered with the Sub-Registrar’s Office, if the lease is for one year or more. Failure to get it registered within four months of its creation can lead to imprisonment and a fine.

3. What are the steps to get your rent agreement registered?

The Maharashtra government has converted its entire process of document registration to an online system. Citizens need no longer stand in long queues at the Sub-Registrar’s Office. They can go online to the government website, or a trusted government-approved service provider to complete the entire process in an easy, hassle-free manner.

4. What are the documents required for rent agreement?

Apart from details like the owner’s and tenant’s names, property location, the period of tenancy, rent amount and deposit amount, you need to keep these documents handy for registering your rental agreement:

  1. PAN card – for owner only
  2. Aadhar card – for both owner and tenant.

5. What should be the value of stamp paper for rent agreement?

The stamp paper amount or stamp duty required to register your rent agreement will have to be calculated based on your monthly rent, the period of tenancy mentioned in the agreement and refundable/non-refundable deposit. In Maharashtra, it is 0.25 % – you can read more about how to calculate stamp duty and other registration charges here or just use this handy calculator.

6. What is the format for the rental agreement?

The rental agreement is a legal contract, and therefore the government has a set format to be followed. Essentially, it is an agreement on the amount of rent, deposits, terms, and conditions for tenancy that is recognized by the government. However, that need not be a cause of worry. There are thousands of resources available to solve your agreement drafting needs. You can easily draft your rent agreement online here.

7. Is notarized rent agreement valid?

No, a notarized rent agreement is not valid in a court of law. Many people opt to get their leave and license agreement notarized because it is a shorter procedure and costs much lesser. However, it is not recognized as a legal document. In case of any legal disputes between the landlord and the tenant, a notarized rental agreement holds no validity, irrespective of whatever conditions might be written down in it. Find out more here.

8. What is the cost of a registered rent agreement?

To get your rent agreement registered, you need to pay stamp duty, registration charges and fees to your service provider – that amount varies from one service provider to the next. If you choose a trustworthy, government-approved service provider, you can even avail attractive discounts and get value for your money.

9. Is police verification required for rent agreement?

Police verification of tenants is mandatory in Pune city, but it is not a requirement for getting your rental agreement registered. A trusted service provider like Anulom can help you get your tenants information to the local police authorities based on your registration information itself. It’s a hassle-free service that saves you a trip to the police station

10. How can I get the biometric verification done?

When you opt for a doorstep service provider like Anulom, the biometric scanning device will be brought to your doorstep by a customer service executive, that too at a time and place convenient to you. Extra visits can also be arranged if all involved parties cannot be present together. Property owners who live abroad can also get their biometric scanning done through the Distant Registration Service where the device is shipped to their doorstep.

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    I have registered myself with Anulom and I am struggling to get my rent agreement for a week now. Post all details been updated on your website I am now waiting for Bio-metrics to be done. Initial appointment was made for 13th May which got cancelled without any intimation. I requested new appointment on 16th and has requested two visit my visit happened on time, however for my tenant and witness which was scheduled for 16th at 7 in the evening the executive never turned up and neither we got any intimation about the same. This is very frustrating as the reason to use Anulom was to get rent registration done at ease however now we are struggling to get this doe for a week and the customer care is not responding to our queries either on phone or on email.

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