Power Of Attorney is a legal document that assigns execution powers to an agent in the absence of the principal, but it can be misused and must be exercised with caution.

Power of Attorney is a simple document with great potential. A general power of attorney is granted by a person who is unable to execute legal matters for certain reasons and therefore nominates another person, usually a relative, to act on their behalf.

The Power of Attorney document is validated by the law and helps many citizens who are unable to perform important legal tasks.

You get to decide how your agent should handle transactions since the limits are set by you.

Who gets Power of Attorney (POA)?

Although the term carries the word ‘attorney’, the person you appoint to act on your behalf need not be a lawyer. You can choose any person you trust to conduct transactions on your behalf, especially in your absence.

Power of Attorney is usually applied in matters of money management, property and estate management, and even personal care, in the case of the elderly.

Who can use Power of Attorney (POA)?

Power of Attorney is most useful to:

  1. The incapacitated: People suffering from illnesses that restrict their movement outside, the physically challenged and even expectant mothers who can’t execute legal matters due to health reasons.
  2. Those residing elsewhere: People living in another city or state can appoint an agent, but this option is most useful for NRIs unable to make long journeys for financial and property matters.
  3. Busy businesspersons: Many a time those who have more than one business or organizations in different cities find it difficult to handle legal matters by themselves. They can give Power of Attorney to an employee with limited powers, so they don’t have to be at two places at once.
  4. The elderly: Senior citizens who are immobile or confined to the home can appoint an agent – usually their children or a younger relative – to execute matters on their behalf.

What to watch out for

Remember, a Power Of Attorney is a legal document and must, therefore, be ratified by the Sub-Registrar’s Office for it to be valid. This is especially true for property matters. The document appointing an agent can also be notarized for non-property related matters.

Anulom CTA

Both parties should make sure that their details are clearly and correctly mentioned in the document. Most importantly, the reason for granting Power Of Attorney must be legally valid and expressly stated. The date when this appointment ends is also a vital part of this document.

Even a completely valid Power Of Attorney can be misused, so be careful in stating the limits to the powers granted to the agent. Unlimited powers can be disastrous to your interests.

Power Of Attorney process for NRIs

Those who reside abroad but want to appoint an agent in India need to follow a specific process to grant Power Of Attorney.

  • First, the document needs to be notarized or stamped and sealed by the Indian embassy in that country.
  • Second, the document must be sent by post to the agent in India.
  • Third, the agent must get the same document validated at a Sub-Registrar’s Office with the appropriate fees.

Those who prefer not to follow this long process can also opt for getting the Power Of Attorney registered online.

How to use Power Of Attorney at Anulom

Anulom’s online process for registering your rent agreement makes it easy for anyone to complete the required steps. With just the click of a button, you can activate the Power Of Attorney option so our next steps like drafting the rent agreement and visiting your doorstep for biometric verification can be customized to your requirements.

NRIs and property owners residing outside Maharashtra can also avail Anulom’s distant registration service that helps you complete the process wherever you may be. Right from filling up your details to shipping the biometric device to your doorstep, our team will assist you so that you can have a hassle-free and relaxed experience with us.

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