Anulom leave and license registration process



How do I renew my Rent Agreement? It is very easy and simple to renew your rent agreement. If you have registered your previous agreement from ANULOM, just log in […]

A leave and license agreement details all the conditions laid down by an owner for his/her tenant.

What really is a leave and license agreement?

Know the difference between a rental agreement and a leave and license agreement, what it contains, and how you can go about getting one registered for a hassle-free tenancy. You […]

A customer pays the registration charges for rent agreement

Rent Agreement Registration Costs: How It Works

  Be a smart consumer by knowing how the charges are calculated while getting the online registration of your rent agreement done, especially the registration costs, stamp duty and fees […]

With Anulom's live agreement editor, you needn't worry about the legal process.

Following the law on your rent agreement

It is compulsory to get your rent agreement registered online, and even more imperative to ensure it follows the legal format asked for by the government. Anulom’s live agreement editor […]