legal verification before leave and license

A leave and license agreement details all the conditions laid down by an owner for his/her tenant.

What really is a leave and license agreement?

Know the difference between a rental agreement and a leave and license agreement, what it contains, and how you can go about getting one registered for a hassle-free tenancy. You […]

Match your thumbprints with your Aadhaar set to get your rent agreement easily registered.

Biometric Verification: e-Governance for Your Benefit

Verifying your identity through a biometric device is the easiest aspect of e-governance initiatives like rent agreement registration in Maharashtra. For those new to the rent agreement registration process, a unique […]

Land on Licence – Land for Godown

Land on Licence – Land for Godown

 Things to keep in mind – 1)      Before you sign leave & licence agreement for a piece of land to erect a godown there on the land you must have […]